Getting started…

I’ve always been interested in making things.  As a kid I always wanted to be Data from The Goonies.  I’d sit in my room and take things apart to figure out how they worked, and then try to build new things from the parts I had.  I learned to sew, work with wood, and learned to do some mechanical work helping out my step-dad.

Now that I’m an adult, I have the resources and experience to work on some interesting things and share that with my own kids.

To that end I’m working on building up my shop.

I started out with building a spot to work.  I had been trying to work at my computer desk up until this point and there was just not enough space or light to do anything interesting.   I used these plans as a guide to build a 7 foot workspace that you can see below.

Now that I have a space to work I’m on to the next two priorities, tools and lighting.

I found this tools and materials list for setting up a maker space and I’m just using it as a kind of check list.  If you’re looking to fill out your own toolset I’ve found Amazon, Ebay, and Harbor Freight Tools to be a fairly economical set of suppliers.

I’m still looking into the lighting issue.   I’ll put something together discussing the issue and what I decided to go with soon.